Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Measuring up....(while on fire)

One of my co-workers (a Psych major, of course) talked me into taking some stupid IQ test.

"I wonder if you will answer my way, or the way Mr. G (the loveables bona-fide degreed "read'n, write'n, rith-ma-tic teacher) did?" he said.

Almost immediately I began to sweat bullets.

Concrete verses abstract thinking... and all under a microscope named Psych Major Smartypantsknowitall Co-Worker.

Sometimes when I have debates with this guy my brain starts to hurt.

Soon,  I smell smoke.

More like cauterizing brain cells than a bbq.

He began the test and I gave it about a nano second of my attention and then I screamed "I GIVE UP" what the frick is the frickin answer".

"Hmmmmm, interesting" he said.

This morning, while checkin out Facebook I stumbled upon this...

I've never felt so understood....

(Corey, my young friend, just where o where do you find such wonderful things to post..?)


  1. Oh I'm right there with ya ;)

  2. My cousin posted it and I shared LOL :) I'm glad you were able to relate to it as I had!


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