Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear kind and faithful blog reader...

please be patient with me. I realize there is not much worse than typing in a web address expecting to read a new and exciting blog post only to find the ssdd...(same shit different day).

My apologies, I am currently in a really big and hugely gigantic fight against a really rotten, piece of crap, no good for nuthin set of circumstances (beyond my control) that appear to have taken up residence in my life...

My dad is sick sick sick (not to mention depressed depressed depressed) and my dear boy Bear has been suffering with a virus of some sort since Sunday night, the virus includes scary high fevers and terrible moods... he is, right at this minute, being smothered by a crazy woman (who's achilles heel is her children) with the sole intention of mothering him into good health, and sadly, I'm failing miserably.

His doctor... Dr. IAM-Too-Busy-to CareFOR-myTOO-Large-Practice... has been no help at all.

(I will be doctor shopping in the very very near future)

In addition to all of this, I'm tying to help my mother deal with her intense and horrific grief.

And some of my own grief.

So that you won't worry too much, dear reader... I want you to know that I have started not fewer than 4 blog posts to delight and entertain you with.

The kicker is that I can't seem to get a moment to finish them and I can't play on my computer while at work. The kill-joys that run the place tend to frown on people authoring blogs while on their dime.... to try and do so would risk adding "getting dissss-missed" to the thorny wild hair(s) that have recently crawled up my azz and set up shop.

See you soon (pray for the whole damn bunch of us, will ya?)



thank you...



  1. Praying for you all, Koby!! ((big squishy hugs))

  2. Praying hard and missing you so much!

  3. Koby, I have been praying for all of you and will continue to. Hope Bear feels better soon; lots of chicken soup and Momma love. Prayers for both your Mom and Dad. And for you my dear to have the strength to deal with it all.
    Love, Needless2say
    PS I know of a great doc in FR. If you are interested you know how to find me. :)

  4. Sending you great big smooches, dear Koby! I do want to let you know that Coco's mother passed this morning; I figured you'd want to know. Sending you wellness vibes for the men in your life, peace, comfort & sanity for you, my dear. Lots & lots of love coming your way!

  5. Waving baby giggles and smells of baby neck your way to help mellow your mind a bit! (Claire is waving hello to you!)
    Just keep breathing and know that we still check your page whether or not you post anything! (we deal with rerun television in the summer why not rerun's of Koby!!)
    Luv Ya!!


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