Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let them eat cake...I mean corn.

Yesterday (in 102 degree weather) we decided to do nothing other than float around in the pool.

When we felt properly bloated with too much chlorinated water we threw together a makeshift bbq to celebrate (like we usually do) The 4th of July...

Daddio was napping when the chow was done so I had Jerz (the one and only sweetest dog that ever walked the earth) begging me for table scraps.

A usual nonoccurrence as she doesn't normally get any of my food ( I don't share, grrrrrrrr)...

All her hard work (running between the few guests, sitting pretty, panting, rolling over (almost dead from the combination of heat and body mass)... panting, sitting pretty, running between the few guests, rolling over (almost dead from the combination of heat and body mass)...sitting pretty...and on and on and on and on until I (as she planned I would do all along) eventually caved and tossed her a bone..

Or rather a cob.

She almost lost her mind mowin that thing.

And Googie was there to record it.

As you can see...her "haircut" has matured and become respectable.
Thank goodness, she was starting to resent being laughed at. 

I wish you a cool breeze on a sweltering day....


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  1. My Aunt's old dog (Wishbone, a Collie) used to love gnawing on corn cobs :) however being a larger dog he was at least bigger than the corn.
    hehehehehe just teasin your sweetie :)


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