Saturday, March 3, 2012

That damn mop.....

When I was a kid and wore my hair to my waist my grandmother used to ask "when are you ever going to cut that damn mop?"

"When I get to be old" I would say "maybe like 25".

"When I was in my early 30's my grandmother remarked "you said that you were going to cut that damn mop when you were 25, when you got "old", remember saying that?"

I nodded yes.

"Indeed, I do remember saying that" I said.

"Well" she replied "what has changed?"

"I guess my definition of old" I answered.

Today Jenny Matlock over at off on my tangent challenged us to write a short story using a prompt that she'd given us... and an additional (very generous) 100 words. The prompt is in bold italics

To read what the other contributors have written please go here.

This day was long past due.  Her decision would tell the world for certain that she’d finally grown up. Before she left the house for the very important appointment she checked her appearance one last time. Neither a bun nor a ponytail seemed to fit her mood today. Loose and flowing felt better, that way the wind could pick up strands and let them tickle her face and stick to her lipstick one last time. Saying goodbye was harder than she thought. It was time to retire her waist length tresses; she was, after all, soon to be 75. 


  1. What a sweet story! I don't think I could have handled long hair for so many years!

  2. This is so darling...although your hair is no way like a mop...cuz I do know real mops! I have to laugh at how our idea of old changes so much through our life time! Great goodbye prompt! I'm still holding on to my box of kleenix though....

  3. What a charming tale, I love it, just thinking that she kept her long hair for so many years. I bet she will be surprised, though, at how liberating it will feel to have it gone. Oh and thanks for visiting mine!

  4. Oh, I like this one because I have longish hair. Although not 75, I am old! My hairdresser says Not Yet though.

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  6. Funny, charming, well-written and surprising text!
    Love it. (I have had both short and long hair. Funny how others always have an opinion about one's hair if it is long!)

    Best wishes,
    Goodbye Pierre - SCwk 96

    Please remove the word verification!!!!!

  7. I have a 'thing' about old ladies with flowing locks, so I hope she bit the bullet!

  8. Nice job!

    Best wishes,

  9. Great Centus and a good intro, too.


  10. I love surprise endings! Nice job!

  11. Reminded me of my mom. She was 85 when she finally cut hers.

    (thought your post was great but hate the word verification..) :)

  12. Very nice. Our idea of "old" does indeed change with time. I go back and forth between short and long. I hope I have the choice when I'm 75. I love how you based this on your conversation with your grandmother.

  13. I could not imagine having hair that long! And until age 75? Amazing :)

  14. OH! I adore this!! What a great story(s)!!!!!

  15. I've been debating the "long hair" issue since I went over the big 50. I finally decided I'll just keep it...I happen to be a big fan of pony tails.

  16. This was the sweetest story.

    Perhaps she will donate her long tressed to 'locks of love'...

    Perhaps she will have it braided and keep it in the bedside stand to run her fingers over now and again.

    This was just a beautiful story.

    Loved it.


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