Friday, March 23, 2012

Keep on truckin....

Ever have a moment in your life when you really wish you were someone else?

Maybe you have more than just a moment of feeling like you want to crawl out of your skin and move on down the road.

Yeah, that has been me lately.

Wanting to change my name, rank and serial number...

not to mention, my pants size, my hairdo and my crappy attitude.

My dad is sick and it's taking too long for him to get better.

And how is it the weight of the world feels like it's teetering on my shoulders?

Helplessness will do that to ya every time.

To quote a quote that decorates a cup, a gift from Marmie that rests on my desk...

"I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing"

I figure it's much harder to hit a moving target.

I wish you the most delightful of days...


PS.. If you are the praying type a really big prayer for my dad and his health would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Praying right now for your dad (and for you). much love to you!

  2. Praying right now for your dad (and for you). much love to you!

  3. Sending you lots of love & sending up lots of prayers for your dad. Smooches!


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