Monday, June 4, 2012

Turning a frown upside down....

Bear went to work the other day and gave his opinion to the the upper management that some of the decisions they were making were not economically sound.

He offered fixes for the perceived wrongs and he was listened to.

His ideas were given consideration.

And an amount of time to see if they could work.

Sometimes the nerve of that kid astounds me.

To be young and mostly free of the hindrance(s) of life.

To not give a kitty if you get shown the door and asked not to let it hit ya in da ass.

My goodness, what freedom.

Or stupidity... ???

Why is it that we sometimes hold on to things we know aren't helping us?

May be even hurting us?

Who says it's wrong to just let the wind (or fate or The Good Lord) take us and deposit us right where we are supposed to be?

Throw caution to the wind (grow some big ass balls) and just tell it like it is.

Not giving a rat's can if you get the boot, tossed to the curb, escorted out by security.

The hard part is just letting go and trusting.

The easy part is just letting go and trusting.

It would so much easier if we were sure we were doing the right thing or if we had an undo button.

Leaps of faith take practice.

A devil may care attitude helps too.

And a belief that that while you may have lots to lose if you do, you'll have lots more to lose if you don't.

To all those contemplating big ass decisions today... go for it, you only live once.

Unless you're a cat... or you believe in reincarnation.

In that case you'd have absolutely no excuse for not walking to the edge, plugging your nose, and diving (head first) into the life you've imagined for yourself.


Edited to add.... I probably am not one to give advice since I'm a Libra (The Scales) which we all know are people who tend to weigh things out and make up minds on particular issues only to then tip/dip from side to side and change directions, then repeat.

And one more time.

I've always been of the mindset that considers making really difficult decisions tantamount to an all natural birthing of a breech positioned porcupine so I must say since there is no redo or do-over or undo button that you use that big ol brain of yours and think your decisions through and through.

Up one side and down the other.

That said, you do only live once.

Then again...,



  1. "And a belief that that while you may have lots to lose if you do, you'll have lots more to lose if you don't."-YES! I'm gonna remember this quote when I'm over thinking things for the 800th time before I decide NOT to do something. Ready, set, jump...


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