Monday, October 1, 2012

One whole week....

It's been a week since I've posted on my blog.

One whole week.

I apologize if you dropped in to read a sec and was disappointed.

I read a couple of blogs religiously and when I click on their space over and over and over again in the course of a week (and sometimes loooooonger than that even) and see the same ol post, I'm not gonna fib, I get irritated.

I think to myself what a frickin lazy azz, what in the hell can that woman be doing that she can't update her blog, does she not understand that there are people coming here looking for things to read, pictures to gawk...? Is there not some kind of contract betwixt writerandreader...? Who can I call to tattle on her? Her sponsors, the ones located on the sides of her blog posts...hmmm.

I usually pretty quickly come (back) to my senses and think... yikes, I have no sponsors.

And who in the hell put the peanut butter in the fridge?

Now what was I thinking?

Life is taking some interesting turns.

In the course of one of my favorite blog writers has not posted.

And neither have I.

I still return, hopefully, every day to inquire if she's returned.

I hope you and I can have the same setup...?

This past (and present) week in my life...

My dad is improving. Now if I could get his (very depressed) brain on board, we'd be jammin.

My darling Daddio is starting a new job. You may or may not remember (if you don't remember, it's probably because I didn't mention it) that he left his old job for a new job then left his new job to return to his old job...


Join the club.

It's all good though, because when daddy ain't happy ain't nooobody happy.

So when he leaves his old new job for a new new job which could (and probably would) result in him going forward and then taking some sideways steps forcing him to be choosing a completely different path toward the same job but in a different place and back to the old job in the same place...

Does that make any sense at all...?

Of course not.

Understandably, I have whiplash.

And a nervous stomach.

Which could also be due to my over thinking what I'll need to do, bring, pack, stash, cook, pay before leaving on the cross country trip to fetch my mother from the jaws of her empty and lonely house all in the effort to bringing her sweet self back to dreary, frigid MI.

Where she desperately loves a handful of it's residents, but just as desperately hates mostly everything else about the place... (I get it Ma, seriously)

This week will bring Road Trip to California preparations to a frenzy.

What with packing, stocking the Casa Koby with easily prepared/reheated/mowed right from the can/ chow, toilet paper, and other such necessities,

things like lots of free flowin money and a couple of important instructions to Bear need also to be put into place.

Instructions to make life livable in my absence.

"You are in charge of your dad this week"

"Allow me to teach you how to iron your dad's work pants"

"Remember, when you pack dad's lunch that he likes the stems picked off the grapes"

"Don't stand at the door in your pajamas to wave him off in the morning, it embarrasses him terribly"

"I normally spoon dad to sleep every night, that won't be too much to ask, right?"

To which Bear responds...

"Oh h-ell no, it's every man for himself next week, dog eat dog. Your husband is on his own".

And the band plays on....

I'll update as I can, and I do thank you from the bottom of my busy bee heart for understanding.


Post Script....If I'm gone too long, please call my sponsors and complain.


  1. Guilty as charged! I know you're not talking about me, but sometimes life just makes it too crazy to stop, think and post! Have a great road trip to CA!

    1. Merci noexcuses!!! Thank you for understanding, and for the well wishes.
      (I'm going to need all the help I can get)

  2. Have a good safe trip! See you when you get back!

    1. Hiya Needless!!! Not leaving till Saturday. In the words of my dear ol pa...I'm busier than a cat covering poo... thanks for the comment!! xo

  3. Good to see your post. Have a great trip!

  4. Thanks Sandra Rose Hughes... xoxo


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