Friday, November 11, 2011

A universal about face....

I am so happy to report on this very special day 11-11-11 that life has settled into a somewhat normal (minus Bear) routine.

There are days I can say I actually like coming into a just like I left it empty house....

Days when worrying about just the Daddi-o and I is kinda nice...

and man oh man has my grocery bill gone down.

I save about seven bucks a week on toilet paper alone.

Walking past Bear's empty bedroom can sometimes feel like a kick to my gut... however, lately I appreciate that the door is open and I can see floor.

Yes, I am incredibly happy to report that I am adjusting to Bear's absence in my everyday life.

I've come to the conclusion that try as I might I can't micromanage him on the phone from this many miles away...

and I'm adjusting.


childless mother that I,

is happy to have the remote in her hand, is thrilled to eat the last Oreo, is giddily happy to iron in her bra and porkies...

Bear is home this weekend and I've taken full advantage.

I've mauled him (slightly)

and lovingly placed all his dirty clothes in my washer (one load at a time of course)

I've handed him pizza on a silver platter and bought him his favorite pop to go with it.

Bear dropped a bombshell.

He is planning to come home next semester.

Live at our home and attend a university that he can commute to.

Wow... Bear is coming home.

He says he's tired of being broke.

And while he's happy to have had the away from home college experience he is over it.

He wants to be back where the toilet paper rolls are never ending, good food abounds, and the maid service is top notch.

Is this some kind of cruel joke....?

(PS...Bear if you are reading this I am beyond thrilled that you are coming home, I've missed you more than I've learned to enjoy the empty nest...much, much more. xoxo)

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  1. What a wonderful thing for you to have your Bear back! Soak it all up when he comes back so when he does actually move out in the future you can always remember that once upon a time he came back.


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