Friday, August 28, 2009


I am happily married to my 6th grade sweetheart, (who I lovingly refer to as Daddio...he's a blues guitarist) and mother of three great kids.

My babies are... a son 23, a daughter, 22 and a son who just turned 19. When I talk about them I use their nicknames, Peanut (or Sweet Prince Buttercup), Googie and Bear to protect their privacy and to save my own behind, should someone they know stumble upon this blog and discover my telling all our family secrets. (Could be trouble)

My oldest son just married a lovely girl in May 2009. They had a beautiful wedding and I am looking very forward to spoiling my future grandchildren.

Living at home with Daddio and I...... A daughter, who is in her last semester of college at Madonna University. She has a wonderful boyfriend of 3 years, who I nicknamed Trouble (he really isn't any though, and he truly belongs to us already and I prove that by assigning him household chores which he, unlike my other children, does).

My youngest will begin his senior year of high school in a few short days. He is looking very forward to being a high school football/ basketball star and the heartthrob of all the underclass girls.

My kids are now testing their wings and I am not as needed as I once was. To remedy this situation and to fill up my (sometimes) empty arms I became "Mom" to a teacup Chihuahua named Jersey, a step-dog named Ruby, and another special group of children. I work full time with a Juvenile Justice Program teaching Life Skills to juvenile offenders. Many of them are in dire need of a "Mom"

I love to talk and I love to write.

I'm very old fashioned in my thinking about marriage and motherhood.

I have written three (imaginary) books..."The World According to Koby", "Koby's Way or The Wrong Way" and "The Book of Koby".

I'll let their titles tell it all.....

I am obsessed about growing older, fighting it every step of the way.

If I contemplate the alternative, well..that's not so, I figure I can just wear lots of lipstick and dark sunglasses and go with the flow.

I want to die young, from old age.

Updated 7/1/2011.. Since I've written this All About Me post things have changed a bit, my daughter has graduated from Madonna University and currently works with at risk youth, she and Trouble plan to marry in September 2011.

My youngest son graduated from high school, he attended Wayne State University and this year he will move from (the many comforts of) home and study at Western Michigan University...his goal in life (at this moment) is to beat out his sister's (impressive) GPA.

Mr and Mrs Sweet Prince Buttercup celebrated 2 years of wedded bliss this past May and so far the only grandchildren I have are of the four legged variety.

Updated 8/22/2012.... SInce I've written this All About Me post update (see above) things have changed a bit.

The Sweet Prince Buttercup and his darling dear Mrs celebrated their THIRD year of being hitched. 

My how time flies.

I am still patiently waiting for some fat cheeked kid(s) to mug far only the whiskered variety with bad breath are available.

My dear Googie and her sweetness Trouble married, almost a year now. 

What a beautiful wedding it was. 

I'm still patiently waiting for some fat cheeked kid(s) to mug on...they too have only a mutt to serve in that roll... oh well, hopefully soon.

The best baby boy that ever lived, my Bear is doing great, ready to start school again in a few days. He had a rough summer,  a virus (Mono) had him on his back for a couple of weeks. Thank goodness for toughness, he survived (of course that was totally due to the wonderful care he got from his loving mother) and hasn't really skipped a beat.

I am still patiently waiting for Bear to hook up to an awesome chick (and THEN do things the old fashioned way, like marriage, then sex... kwim) so that I can add him to the list of rotten azz kids who aren't making me a grand-ma. 

All kidding aside...they do me right, in every way.

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